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with Anisa, Azizeh and Crew
In Dari language
Aliís AllsportsTALK
with Alison Aprhys, Robert Cameron, Jock Hillgrove and Emma Webb
Get the story behind the score with Aliís Allsports, a weekly program providing the best analysis of local, national and international sport, athletes and events from a Geelong perspective.
Aussie Road TripMUSIC
with Jamin, Taylor, John and crew
Join the Aussie Road Trip crew as they drive around Australia in the Combi Van. Featuring local artists and local attractions along the way.
with Esad
Behind the MusicMUSIC
with Wes Jay
Presenter Wes Jay chronicles the personal lives and stories of some of the most popular acts in music from the past 50 years across the pop and rock spectrum.
Country BreakfastMUSIC
with Fred and Cheryl
Wake up to the sound of the best in Country Music
with Doris or Carmen
Tune in to enjoy Chinese instrumental music, songs, general information, culture, history and social activities.
Celtic Music - Jock's OffMUSIC
with Jock
Folk music and in particular Celtic music program
Country Breakfast.MUSIC
with John Wilson
Join us for Australian Country music with an occasional overlap into overseas Country Music.
with Peter and Frank
Community Radio SateliteMUSIC
with presenters from community stations around Australia
Tune in for the best in community radio from stations around Australia
Doug Aiton's Friday DriveTALK
with Doug Aiton
Interview program which includes editorial comment from Doug, and examination of Geelong issues.
with Wimpie and Philip
A South African lifestyle show.
with Paul, Suzette and Crew
Gardening tips, hints and plain good old fashioned advice
with Ross, Foxy & Steve
Join us for a pleasant Sunday morning enjoying well-known and a few lesser known classics.
with Patrick
Venesualan & World Music
with Marjorie
For the love of ElvisMUSIC
with Betty Giles
Remembering the man and his music. Tune in for great music and prizes.
Food for ThoughtTALK
with Liz and Leo
Exploring news food trends, recipe book reviews and give-aways, covering chefs, diets, eating plans, restaurants etc.
with Marc and Michael
GDFL Live CoverageTALK
with Dale Smyth, Jason Doherty and Cal Lowther on the Boundary
Hear our team of expert commentators on the GDFL match of the day, exclusive to the Pulse.
Good Morning CountryMUSIC
with Bill Beerens and George Young
Wake up to country music, interviews, news updates and more.
Homespun CountryMUSIC
with John Wilson or Fred and Cheryl
Join us for Australian Country music with an occasional overlap into overseas Country Music.
Hashtag GiddyupTALK
with Andy Richards, John Mitchell and Mark Brady
Talking about the local footy scene
In the MoodMUSIC
with Sylvia and Robert or Ron
Arts, theatre and music.
Indonesian ProgramMULTICULTURAL
with Emma
Just JazzMUSIC
with Ross, John & Peter
Jazz for pleasant listening, including traditional, mainstream, contemporary and everything in between from America, Australia, Europe and everywhere else.
Jazz on the Pulse/All That Jazz (fortnightly)MUSIC
with Ross / Ken and Ian
Jazz from every genre, for pleasant listening, including: traditional, mainstream, contemporary and everything in between from America, Australia, Europe and everywhere else.
with Moo Thar, Gerry & Koh
Lithuanian ProgramMULTICULTURAL
with Irena and Stase
Life! Whats in it for meTALK
with Steven and team
Left of the DialMUSIC
with Hamish
Latin RhythmsMUSIC
with Lisa
Latin & World music you can dance to! We start in Latin America and then we tour the world seeking music styles that either contribute to or have been influenced by the latin style.
Macedonian ProgramMULTICULTURAL
with Venta and Cvetko
Mitch's MusicMUSIC
with Mitchell Dye
Everything you need to get through another Monday afternoon- tracks from the 70s until today, plus the latest news, information and weather along with your requests.
Music with RonMUSIC
with Ron Cockell
A musical adventure
Music from All Around the WorldMUSIC
with Simon and Wanda
Musik CubeMUSIC
with Fif, AJ Brady and Robbie Carroll
Mixin' It UpMUSIC
with Tex Miller
Freshest Tunes from Australia and around the world with some classics thrown in along the way
Mitchell's Front PageTALK
with Mitchell Dye
Talk, editorials, current affairs, reviews, news and more!
Mullet ShowMUSIC
with Craig
Music of the 80's
Northern ExposureTALK
with Denis Scott
Looks at the Suburbs and Towns North of Geelong with a mix of local news, sports and music.
with Hadi, Leila & Saghar
Phat MusicMUSIC
with Kate and Robbie
Playing the best in R&B, Rap, Hip Hop and more.
Poetry and Music with John ReidTALK
with John and Robert
Roads to RecoveryTALK
with Greg McHenry
Tune in to find out what is available in our community to make living in our community easier, safer and more worthwhile.
with Nick
Raised on RockMUSIC
with Mark OíNeill
Real Classic Rock from the 50ís to the present
Reckless RadioMUSIC
with Justin
Australian Music and interviews
Rattlin' Bones & Retro TonesMUSIC
with Michael ĎMemphisí Williams
Rockabilly, Vintage Rock & Vintage Pop
Scanlan's Front PageTALK
with Denis Scanlan
Talk, editorials, current affairs, reviews, news and more!
Sundays at Saint MarysTALK
with Father Kevin Dillon
Sweethearts of YesterdayMUSIC
with Ian 'Hoges' Hogan
Great Nostalgic music from the 1920's up to the 1950's with original artists and where possible original recordings.
Serbian Youth ProgramMULTICULTURAL
with Stefan Popovic
with Stojanka
Soft Serve SundayMUSIC
with Courtney Petit
Courtney brings you music from a huge spectrum, ranging from 70s classics to today's chart toppers.
Sunday Night Concert HallMUSIC
with David Fox
Classical Music to finish your weekend to
South Sudanese Nuer Language ProgramMUSIC
with Thouk and Thalual
The South Sudanese Program presents local news and events for the South Sudanese community in the greater Geelong region.
with with David Steele
Musical adventures
The Sustainable HourTALK
with Mik and Tony
Clean, green and sustainable solutions in Geelong
Think About ItTALK
with Diogo
A few opinions on current politics, an assortment of music and interviews with commentary to follow.
Tuesday DriveTALK
with Darby & team
Music, interviews and Geelong news
The Bicycle ShowTALK
with Heather and Maria, John and Angelica
Debunking the myth that cycling is all about lycra and lattes
The Cringe HourMUSIC
with Vlad, Jess, Janine, Jaymie and more
Just as its named, this show is the full mixed bag of music choice. You never know what you are going to hear.
The 12 O'Clock SpecialMUSIC
with Ron
Musical theme program
The Voice of InterfaithTALK
with members of different religious denominations
Members of different religious denominations come together to discuss the similarities between faiths and the common bonds that we all share.
The BlurbTALK
with Bernard, Sadia and Denis
Talking all things books and writing.
The Travelling Band ShowTALK
with Rachal
The Travelling Band Show takes in artists touring Australia at the moment. Including: Arts, workshops, community involvement and to highlight some of the lesser known musical acts as well as the headliners.
The Fishing ShowTALK
with Didge and the Crew
Join Didge and the crew for up to date fishing hot spots, and all you need to get a great catch this weekend. Just don't tell the fish!!!
The 4-6 FixTALK
with Jack and Crew
Local News, Science, Sport and Entertainment
with Patrick
Voices of InterfaithTALK
with Geelong Interfaith Network
Geelong Interfaith Network and special guests on the last Thursday of each month for their interesting discussions on faiths across the world
Wednesday DriveMUSIC
with Ben Rogers and Reid Mahoney
Wednesday LunchboxMUSIC
with Bob Pullin,Terry Knell and Ken
Tune in for great music along with your song requests and local news.
Wake Up! GeelongTALK
with Liz, Kate and team
Start your week with an upbeat look at what happened during the weekend and what to get involved with this week.
with Bob Appleton or Ron Welsh
Bringing you The Music You Love! From the early 20's to the late 50's Easy listening at it's best.

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Tune in Now: Homespun Country
with John Wilson or Fred and Cheryl
Join us for Australian Country music with an occasional overlap into overseas Country Music.

Next: The Fishing Show
At 08:00am with Didge and the Crew
Join Didge and the crew for up to date fishing hot spots, and all you need to get a great catch this weekend. Just don't tell the fish!!!

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